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Auto Evolution 

Auto Evolution Strategy

The Auto Evolution strategy not only represents a completely new asset class but also introduces investors to a new era of investment opportunities. The strategy was established to facilitate the transformation in the automotive industry by purchasing passenger vehicles together with their customer cashflows. 

The Auto Evolution strategy is purchasing subscription cars with a focus to accelerate electrification and the direct-to-consumer business of the auto industry. It has been live since June 2023.

To ensure growth, Optio has entered into an exclusive partnership with one of the world’s leading car manufacturers. A proprietary tech platform has been built and integrated with the Auto manufacturer’s systems over the past years to allow easy ramp up of the business, starting in Europe, then globally.

The purpose of Optio’s Auto Evolution strategy will provide more consumers with access to flexible and competitive car subscription solutions, as well as a diversified product range with an increasing number of electric vehicles.

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